Friday, July 11, 2008


COME! See Greta throw her panties at the screen in analglyphic

"Three Dimensions of Greta"
(UK 1973)
(in 3-D!)
Sunday July 13th @ 9:15 PM
Tuesday July 15th @ 9:15 PM
Starring: Tristan Rogers, Robin Askwith and Leena Skoog as "Greta"
Director: Pete Walker
Tristan Rogers (who's appeared in too many North American soaps to mention) plays a German reporter/investigator (with the most laughable German accent ever committed to celluloid) to find Greta in "swinging London" so he can give her some bread. His journey takes him to various sleazy Soho clubs (including a ghetto basement stripclub) and Greta's friends explaining when they had last seen Greta and WHAT exactly she's been up to (in 3-D flashbacks). The big question is, will they ever find Greta?

This was the first 3-D feature produced in the UK by under-rated cult/sexploitation pioneer Pete Walker and it's a doozey from the laughable accents, to seeing a cheeky side of Brit hippie and mod culture. More groovy than looking at a crumpet and tea on the cube, it's all good fun. Robin Askwith (who's been in bizillions of Brit boobie fare) also makes and appearance, and Greta tips a cap quite well to uninhibited Scandinavian values!

Shown from the Conflict Archives 35mm print, we're told that it's perhaps one of the better prints that have survived of this trashy UK classic in North America. Unseen on a screen in Canada in DECADES, it will be a must for 3-D buffs, and those who want to see a Swedish girl on a swing (in 3-D) and a bra thrown into the audience (in 3-D).Of course, there's prizes and an intro by Dion Conflict. Tickets are available at the box office or see for more info.

THIS MIGHT BE THE LAST CONFLICT ARCHIVE SCREENING IN CANADA FOR THE SUMMER!Don't miss the grooviest event of the summer! Feel free to send this invite to others! Glasses provided, FREE!