Thursday, November 15, 2007

HUNKA JUNK 5 returns home (Friday November 23 @ 9:30 PM) - Revue Cinema, Toronto


Join me in celebrating the return of Toronto's infamous "no-format" film festival back home where it all started....

HUNKA JUNK 5 has it's Candian premiere and returns back to Toronto after it's premiere in Finland in the first CONFLICT ARCHIVE screening in over a year in the Toronto area. And a new venue!

16mm film print
Friday November 23rd @ 9:30 PM
Revue Cinema (400 Roncesvalles Avenue, South of Dundas West Subway station on Dundas)

HUNKA JUNK is back! The no-format film festival brings you lots of oddball 16mm films being saved from obscurity and from the trash bin! In one sitting, see over 20 different films including strange educational films, forgotten commercials, bad animation, grindhouse movie trailers, and bargain basement art-house fare, all in one sitting! Highlights include animated bikes singing in a child's dream, Wham-O commercials, films on looking prettier for your boss, kiddie vandalism sprees, and so much more! See the strange "Light Unto All" by Sid Davis (who did the anti-homosexual epic "Boys Beware" mix mobsters and bargain basement footage of Jesus. "You're The Saleman" teaches gas pump attendants to sell unsuspecting motorists junk. It all ends with one of the most jaw dropping films you will ever see about "what people do at night". INTRODUCTION BY DION CONFLICT & WIN PRIZES! Receive a free copy of Issue #17 of KONFLIKT IN THE KINO.

HUNKA JUNK 5 returns home after it's tour of Finland, selling out on it's last stop in Helsinki 2 hours before showtime, in 10 minutes! Don't miss it!



The premiere of HUNKA JUNK will also launch the debut of the 17th issue of KONFLIKT IN THE KINO. Issue #17 contains interviews with Helln'back from the Candian First Nation hip hop group "Team Rezofficial", Actor George Stover (John Waters' Desperate Living, Female Trouble and all of Don Dohler's films) answers the 3 QUESTIONS, and get insight into doing music in Kosova with legendary Albanian artist Memli from the group Ritmi i Rrugks. Plus reviews of music and film from around the globe, going past the press releases. GET IT FREE AT HUNKA JUNK!



Various highlights from the last tour of HUNKA JUNK 5 can be located on YOUTUBE. Just simply type in "HUNKA JUNK" into your browser. I put some there, other's have been posted by Finns and other fans.


Well, I'll keep this short for now. I hope you are able to share in this special "homecoming" event with me and HUNKA JUNK at a new home, the newly renovated and reopened Revue Cinema. It's been awhile since we've been able to share a film together and look forward to you joining me! Feel free to pass this on to other film fans.

Dion Conflict

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

VIDEOCLIPE OF THE WEEK - Artaj Bajrami "100 Grade Celcius"

I was looking at a tape of Arta Bajrami performing this track on the Labia New Years Party of 2005. My copy had a bad control track problem on the master, so I hit up YOUTUBE to find perhaps Arta's best track. It's a little washy, but still not bad.

There's some GREAT gossip I'd love to share with you about Arta, but I should be kind of discreet.

Anyhow, enjoy some classic Artaj Bajrami on the VIDEOCLIPE OF THE WEEK!!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A well lit city...

I've woke up after only sleeping about 4 hours (this is my routine as of late).

After hanging with my friend Aleksi yesterday I came home in the evening. My apartment had it's normal disarray but it seemed horribly like the last place I needed to be in the world. For some reason I got in the door and had to just take my keys, my wallet, throw on a Detroit cap, and bounce.

Out the door I go thinking maybe by hitting the streets, the answers would come from a long walk.

From my West end home, I had to go all the way South to Younge and Queens Key, down King Street, up Roncesvalles to go back home. This walk went 6 hours and during my last bit of it, I felt physically like someone had taken my one leg and twisted it like a piece of licorice.

With a chill in the air, I was in search for answers, or trying to figure out all that the week had "given me". Here's what I found:

a) The city is well lit
b) I almost got punched out by some fiend/possible homeless person. I was just walking and he almost punched me out
c) It was chilly. As I walked along the boardwalk of Harbourfront, a young Asian couple was laying on the boardwalk, engaged in romantic conversation and laughing as she rested on his chest. My initial thought was to push them in the water, but it was cute.
d) Lots of people who look like they are from Woodbridge eat at Richtree.
e) Some guy real west on King Street asked me for directions to get to Zanzibar (a downtown strip joint). He was from Ottawa, a little drunk, I encouraged him to grab a cab.
f) Some scrap was going on right on Symington. It was loud and people were coming around from out of nowhere. It was a little odd.
g) You can't find answers when the question itself is in code or doen't really have an answer

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Figuring Out Dreams....

Again, I'm trying to be more dilligent in writing on here. Sometimes it just kind of feels odd in a "dear diary" type sense but maybe writing more for me right now would be theraputic.

It's kind of been a down week for me this week as I try to figure out things in my personal life. Last week I was innondated with really good news outside of my work life dealing with CONFLICT ARCHIVES, then this week was kind of more personal blows. On top of it as well, my Mom just called to say my Grandfather isn't doing very good. Indeed it's strange when I reflect on back when I was a little boy and would see him come home to my Grandparents house, strong and built like an ox. My parents recently retired. You look back and go "where did the years go?" Eventually, we all get older. With my grandparents, I can see how the time has flown by. Plus I have just came to the conclusion that some things, you just can't generally control. You can give love, but it might not be enough. You can't control changes in your body when you get older. It's work in progress that you need to work and figure out what the parameters are (with aging and love) and see what will work best for you and others around you.

I've slept horribly lately and prayed this morning to have someone I cared deeply for return, and some kind of sign to figure it all out. I fell asleep and was given this strange dream....

I was in the United States and driving with some older woman who I was driving back across the border after some kind of conference. The woman kept showing me these papers of all this "personal self seminar" kind of stuff. While driving, I noticed so much construction. Boards randomly construted at exits looking like bad AGO art projects. I reached in my pockets to find my passport and just found my licence and my bank card. How did I get across the border without my passport? And why are there so many exits that are blocked up? How am I going to get back into Canada????

It ended and I woke up, a little bit more rested but trying to figure out the dream. If there is another plateau, was this some kind of vision that they were putting into my head? Or was this me trying to figure out the highs and lows of my life recently. Who knows.

But reflecting now on the dream... It's really has caputered how I feel right about now. I'm still figuring out the journey sometimes without the security of my passport which gets me cross borders by saying who I am, and what my business is.

So, in essense. I don't know if it's something created in my mind, or the divine creator placed it there to say "Hey, life is an adventure Dion! Figure it out!"

Maybe I just need to write a letter to Lenor (if you don't know WHO Lenor is, see later on in my blog).

Well, it's time to go about my day. And hopefully I don't hit too many exits with strange wooden borders!