Monday, December 31, 2007

VIDEOCLIPE OF THE WEEK - K'Maro - "Femme like U'

Well, it looks like the year is coming to an end! Indeed 2007 was an interesting ride! I've been blessed with great friends and others believing in my vision this year, so there's really no complaints. From hanging out in Times Square with Albanian pop stars, to being a Best Man at a wedding in Finland, Eating Indian food on a 4 hour trip to Estonia, hell, why complain?

So, I was thinkin 'bout K'Maro, the Lebanese/French-Canadian "urban" artist. Possibly, the MOST sucessful Canadian Urban artist in the world that NOBODY in English Canada has heard of! This is an older track by him from his debut album, mixing English and Francais. His follow up, which I got at the Russian version of Home Depot, is terrible.

But anyhow, K'Maro ends our VIDEOCLIP OF THE WEEK for the year.

And may all my friends out there be blessed with the best for 2008! Bring it on!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

New Event! Hunka Junk DVD info - Christmas Kitsch-A-Roo - Dec 21 & 23rd!

Every day, I keep getting requests in regards to how to get the HUNKA JUNK dvd. Well, look below for some more mail order information plus you can purchase it at Suspect Video in Toronto (both locations which include b-side Honest Eds and the one on Queen, just East of Bathurst on the south side) and you can purchase it as well at the Revue Cinema itself. If you're still having problems, just drop me a quick e-mail (look forward on other posts) and I'll set you up.

The Conflict Archives has been truly blessed with a year beyond what we could have imagined. So, we're ending it off with a bang and opening up our vault once again for some fine Christmas films we bet you haven't seen!

The Conflict Archives Presents
“Christmas Kitsch-A-Roo”
December 21st @ 9:30 PM / December 23rd @ 2:00 PM
Revue Cinema (400 Rocesvalles Avenue - Toronto - Just south of the Dundas West Subway Station & Bloor)
Tickets $6 for members, $12.50 for non-members (which includes membership)

Deck the halls with balls of cornball as Dion Conflict opens his archives to showcase lost family friendly films, which yule-tide your heart over with! CHRISTMAS KITCH-A-ROO features lost and forgotten campy short films celebrating Christmas. The baffling “Santa in Animal Land” shows that even poorly (and creepy) constructed hand puppets can ask for bunches of junk under the tree. Also you can see Christmas films from David and Goliath, Woody Woodpecker, Bargain Basement Swedish-Christian fables, and bouncing ball Christmas Carols (complete with poorly animated backdrops) which will have the theatre singing with joy! The “big kids” screening on Friday will also feature the most violent/racist children’s film ever, SANTA CLAUS PUNCH & JUDY. “All Kids” could feature a visit with the big man himself! Take a break from the holiday bustle, get ready to move into the new year with going back in time with some no-shame holiday Campy-ness! You’ll jingle all the day!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

HUNKA JUNK 5 - dvd - hittin tha streets!

Thanks Toronto for the great turnout for the screening at the Revue last Friday! We had well over 150 eager patrons to partake in HUNKA JUNK 5. It was a great night and it was nice returning home and sharing film with everyone here. Besides a slight little breakdown with the projector (The Revue's manager Tim got a jolt of electrocity sent through his body trying to diffuse the problem!). Special thanks should go to the following who REALLY helped bring this to the screen: Tim Revue, Tim Smy, Brenda, Richard @ Adidas Toronto (who outfitted me for my BT appearance) Breakfast Television, Andrea @, Stephe Perry @ CIUT 89.5 FM.
After the BT appearance, I've had MANY MANY requests for the DVD. I have a small amount imported from the distributor in Russia which I can offer here (these dvd's are playable here) for $15 post paid to the follwing address (MONEY ORDER or well concealed $$):
PO Box 81008,
45 Harbour Square
Toronto, ON
M5J 2V3
Be sure to return to to find out about our next screening "Christmas Kitsch-A-Roo", happening during the holiday season!
And, be added to our mailing address by dropping a line to